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Even though tutoring is FREE, it is often rarely considered until it is too late. Students, who typically do well in their academics, are the first to use tutoring services because they know the benefits of using tutoring services early. Students should always consider using tutoring services at any point during the semester or during their undergraduate years. It is never too late to get these services, but the earlier you start, the earlier you will be able to reap the benefits that typically provide the following opportunities:


  • to obtain FREE services
  • to begin to build a solid foundation of knowledge that will lead you to understand more complex concepts, and which will help you building a strong understanding of the content in the course for which tutoring is sought, and
  • To develop confidence in your ability to successfully achieve academically.


Tutoring services are offered primarily through the Learning Center; however, tutoring services are also offered within departments. So, if you do not see a subject for which tutoring is offered, check with the department or speak to one of our friendly staff from the Advising and Resources Center (ARC).

Helpful Tutoring Links


Tutoring Schedule
Learn what tutors are in session now or search the schedule for the entire week.

Join a tutoring session now
Once you click on this link you will be greeted by our virtual front desk and they will connect you with a tutor.

Meet our tutors
Learn about each of our tutors, who they are, what they tutor, and how they can help.

Ask a Tutor discussion board on Canvas
Chat with tutors by posting a question about your material and receive a response soon after.


For further information on tutoring services from the Learning Center, please go to