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Downing Planetarium

Weekend Shows


Public shows at the Downing Planetarium are on selected Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. There is free parking available for weekend shows in parking lot P15, right in front of the planetarium (shown in green on campus map). 

Reservations are strongly recommended. Tickets can be held at the door by filling out our reservation form. Ticket payment can be made at the time of ticket pick-up. Pre-payment is not necessary. Please note that tickets will be held only until 10 minutes prior to show time and then they will be sold to the next customer. Shows start promptly on the hour.

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Show Schedule

June 14, 2024
6:00 PM The Edge: Pluto and Beyond  (SOLD OUT)
7:30 PM Unveiling the Invisible Universe  (SOLD OUT)
June 15, 2024
2:00 PM Daughter of the Stars
3:30 PM Surviving in Space  (SOLD OUT)


Current Planetarium Shows

Poster for The Edge planetarium show

The Edge: Pluto and Beyond

Beyond the orbit of Neptune there is a mysterious “third realm” of the Solar System which remains almost entirely unexplored. This realm is the likely home to many thousands of small, icy worlds of which Pluto is the most famous member. Discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto remained a mystery until it was visited by the New Horizons spacecraft in 2015. Desite its demotion to dwarf planet status, Pluto remains one of the most interesting worlds of the solar system with five moons, mountains 10,000 feet tall, and a possible underground ocean of liquid water!

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Poster for Unveiling the Invisible Universe planetarium show

Unveiling the Invisible Universe

For thousands of years humans have used their eyes to see light coming from the night sky. Today, we know that what we can see with our eyes is but a tiny fraction of the true Universe. At the beginning of the 17th century, the invention of the astronomical telescope by Galileo revolutionized our knowledge of our solar system. In the 20th century, with the arrival of rockets, it became possible to travel above the Earth’s atmosphere to observe xray and gamma ray radiation, evidence of a hot and violent Universe. More recently, the detection of gravitational waves from two merging black holes has opened an entirely new window in astrophysics. Enjoy spellbinding images of the Cosmos as revealed by all these unique messengers.

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Daughter of the Stars planetarium show poster

Daughter of the Stars

This program is a collection of Native American sky stories, including the creation of the heavens and Earth from the Iroquois, the origin of the Sun and Moon from the Kutenai, and the cause of solar eclipses according to the Bella Coola. Learn how men traveled to the Moon to bring fire back to Earth for all the people in a legend from the Snake Indians. These stories will delight young and old alike.

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Surviving in Space planetarium show poster

Surviving in Space

Ever dream of pulling several g's while rocketing into space or being an astronaut falling endlessly while weightless in Earth orbit? Would you like to venture into the final frontier to see new worlds that have never been seen before? Explore these fascinating journeys and beyond with NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg and her robot helper, SLOTH! That’s short for Space Life Operations Trainer for Humans. Join us for this fun Planetarium program for all ages.

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