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AEW Tutoring

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Academic Excellence Workshops

Academic excellence workshops are regularly held, weekly meetings (2 to 4 hours) to support excellence in foundation courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, or other technical subjects. Participants engage in structured activities that develop communications skills of students, their ability to work with others, and their mastery of the contents.

Participants develop the bonds that create an academic community among the participants and create self-directed learners.

The AEWs are traditionally led by an upper division student who is referred to as the Facilitator and is who is proficient in the subject matter.

Schedule and attendance

  • The AEWs are held once per week for 2 hours and can be taken for 1 unit – credit/no-credit grading as N. Sci. 40T courses
  • Student participants must attend at least 60% of the AEW in order to receive credit. Students must sign in in order to receive credit for participation.

Through grade comparisons it has been shown that students who attend the AEWs will generally perform better in the corresponding course.