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Mission and Goals

Fresno Math Circle (FMC) is an enrichment program at California State University, Fresno, attracting elementary, middle and high school students interested in mathematics and eager to learn. It is led by the University faculty and students, assisted by community partners, and supported by the Mathematical Association of America (Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grants), Fresno State College of Science and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, and parents' donations.

The program's mission is to provide local children with a friendly environment that fosters learning beautiful mathematical theories beyond the regular school curriculum and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Specific goals of FMC are:

  • Promote learning of advanced mathematics
  • Develop participants' critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Prepare participants for mathematics contests
  • Create a social context for mathematically inclined students
  • Provide an enrichment program in mathematics to children from economically diverse backgrounds
  • Train and enhance instructional abilities of future teachers

The program will achieve these goals by

  • Exposing participants to mathematical topics typically not covered in the K-12 curriculum
  • Actively engaging participants in problem solving
  • Teaching effective problem solving strategies
  • Selecting applicants motivated to learn mathematics regardless of their socio-economic status and ability to support FMC financially
  • The university faculty developing high quality materials and actively engaging students in leading FMC meetings