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Geosciences METRO Center


Opportunities for K-12 Students and Teachers

An important goal of the METRO center is to raise awareness of opportunities and careers with the Geosciences at the K-12 level. If you are a teacher or student, and are interested in having us visit your class, please let us know – we would love to hear from you. We will also be running summer workshops for both students and teachers.

Opportunities for Middle- and High-School Students

Due to a new funding source, METRO summer camp 2014 is working with ASU, After School Program. 

Camp Flyer

Please click on the link for additional information and to register.

Opportunities for High-School Teachers

We will be running a summer 2014 workshop for high school teachers.  The workshop will provide training in various aspects of Geoscience that are tied to State education core curriculum standards. Each workshop will provide ideas, materials and lesson plans that can be used in the classroom, and strategies on how to use this new or augmented science content in your teaching. Participants are eligible for three units of course credit through Fresno State's Global and Continuing Education Division. Registration is free, and participants are eligible for stipends. Registration forms can be submitted here. Please register by May 9, 2014 for full consideration. More details are available below.

TEACHER WORKSHOP information and registration link:

NSCI150T: Dynamic Earth & Global Change

Teacher Comments From Prior Workshops:

  • The workshop helped me to change how I will teach the chapters in my science book and make it more fun for my students.
  • I have a deeper understanding of the process of volcanic eruptions, how to interpret graphs & how molecular structure changes in a volcanic eruption taking place.
  • I shall have more confidence, better presentations, and ideas to encourage student THINKING! All with the well known ‘hook’ of dinosaurs that most students love to hear about and see.
  • I will make more of an effort to introduce the students to geosciences career opportunities during a careers unit.
  • The workshop gave me additional knowledge of careers in geosciences to share with my students.
  • I liked the discussion about the changes that took place in Pangea and how some dinosaurs made it to the different places or became extinct. However, most favorite was using the scientific method to discuss how dinosaurs survived (looking at characteristics they had) which helped them exist among other dinosaurs. All topics were very interesting & well presented.
  • Jeff is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. I truly enjoyed how much time he has spent in preparing these lectures for us. He did do a good job of trying to help us see how to apply these concepts to our classes.
  • The difficulty of the course was right on. As someone with no background in geosciences, I was able to keep up with the material and ask questions if necessary.
  • The field trip was a good kick off for the week long course. It created reference points to refer to during discussions.
  • The trip was outstanding. The timing was perfect because it was just enough time to meet goal of trip. The stops were timed perfectly as well. The videos going and returning truly brought the theme to the forefront.
  • I have truly enjoyed this experience from the field trip, to the instructors, to the snacks and food. Ronna, you do an outstanding job of running this wonderful opportunity for us high school teachers. Looking forward to next year! Fun!