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Geosciences METRO Center

Geosciences METRO Center            

3 students sitting on top of foothills The METRO Center provides our students with up to three years of financial support while they pursue research and career development opportunities to prepare them for careers and/or graduate study. We are also committed to raising the profile of the Geosciences at the K-12 level, and to getting the word out about the tremendous career prospects in these critical fields.

What is Geoscience?

Geoscience is the study of the Earth System, and includes atmospheric science, earth science and ocean science. It is a multi-disciplinary field including aspects of biology, chemistry, geology, physics and engineering.

Why Geoscience?

student standing in mountainsGeoscientists apply their knowledge to problems of local and global significance such as air quality, water resources, clean energy sources and climate change. If you are interested in science or engineering and want to make a difference, then the Geosciences may be for you. Job prospects for Geosciences graduates are excellent, even in the current economy. Starting salary for a new Geosciences graduate with a bachelors degree can be as high as $70,000/year.