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Keck Computational Science Center

About the Keck Computational Science Center

California State University, Fresno and the W.M.Keck Foundation have partnered to create the Keck Computational Science Center since 2011. This center is bringing new opportunities to the students of the Central Valley, and providing more graduates and undergraduates with computational science training. With exposure to hands-on experience in teaching laboratories, more students will understand the research process, and consequently, be more likely to consider science as a career option.

The Keck Computational Science Center (KCSC) has established collaboration spaces and compute resources to facilitate the interdisciplinary flow of faculty, students and knowledge across conventional departmental barriers. The center provides computing resources to graduates and undergraduates promises to revolutionize teaching and research. Recently, the CloudStack Cloud Infrastructure has been built up in KCSC to provide on-demand and cloud-based web services for faculty and students in their collaborative projects, new ideas for research, and novel approaches to address the most critical issues facing the world. Our KCSC cloud will be also used in graduate/undergraduate courses in Cloud Computing, Big Data Management, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Bioinformatics, Seismic Data Processing, Climate Modeling, as well as new general-education courses open to all majors.

the College of Science and Mathematics(CSM) is becoming a regional leader in developing new, innovative and interdisciplinary curricula and outreach programs. KCSC aligns with CSM's emphasis on graduate/undergraduate research as a major force in student success.

Over the decades, private philanthropy has enhanced Fresno State's ability to serve its students and its region. The region's future depends on the imaginations, ingenuity, commitment and relentless research work of our students and award-winning faculty. The reward is a better life for all people who live in and beyond Central California.