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Science and Mathematics Education Center

Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences

Physics Option
Mass on a spring.

The B.A. in Natural Sciences serves as a waiver program for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in physics. This degree program is designed for students who wish to become middle school science or high school physics teachers. The College of Science and Mathematics in collaboration with the Kremen School of Education's Credential program provides an accelerated program in which students can complete the degree requirements and the credential requirement simultaneously within 4 years. An academic pathway also exists for those students who would like to complete the course requirements for the B.A. in Natural Sciences only. All students should consult with advisers in the SMEC office. Advisers can be reached at 559.278.5173 for full details. The B.A. Natural Science program consists of two parts, core and depth. The core requirements are courses required of all natural science students and the option provides training in biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics. Please find a listing of physics subject matter course requirements by clicking the links below.