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Department of Mathematics

Functional Analysis and Mathematical Physics Interdepartmental Research Group (FAMP)

Upcoming Colloquia

More to come in Fall 2019! 

Date and Time: Friday, May 3, 2019 at 10am,

Location: Peters Business Building Room 428

Speaker: Jimmy Gonzalez, Master's Student, Department of Physics, California State University, Fresno.  Research Advisor: Marat V. Markin, Ph.D.

Date and Time: Friday, April 26, 2019 at 10am,

Location: Peters Business Building Room 428

Speaker: Dr. Vesselin G. Gueorguiev, Institute for Advanced Physical Studies, Bulgaria, Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, USA.

Date and Time: Friday, March 29, at 10 AM

Location: PB 428

Title: On the Non-hypercyclicity of Normal Operators and Collections of Their Exponentials

Speaker: Edward Sichel

Abstract: Using a straightforward spectral approach, we demonstrate that, in complex Hilbert spaces, normal operators as well as certain collections of their exponentials are non-hypercyclic.

Date and Time: Friday, March 22, at 10 AM

Location: PB 428

Title: On the Chaoticity of Rolewicz-Type Operators on Function Spaces

Speaker: John Jimenez

Abstract: We discuss examples of chaotic bounded linear operators on certain function spaces similar to those originally found on sequence spaces by S. Rolewicz.

Date and Time: Friday, March 8, at 9 AM, and 
                          Friday, March 15, at 10 AM

Location: PB 428

Title: Geometry in Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Metric Tensor and Quantum Localization.

Speaker: Ettore Vitali (Department of Physics)

Abstract: Two formidable challenges in Condensed Matter Physics are detecting metal-insulator transitions in correlated materials and detecting unconventional superconducting phases. We discuss a geometric approach, which relies on families of Hamiltonian operators that depend on external parameters. The introduction of a suitable metric in the Hilbert space of the system, different from the one generated by inner product, to describe the change in wave functions as we move through the parameter space, naturally leads to the definition of the quantum metric tensor. We show that this definition opens the possibility to introduce a ground state expectation value that allows us to distinguish between an insulator and a conductor, without the need of computing the excited states. We also discuss the possible implications in the realm of the theory of unconventional superconductors.

Date and Time: Friday, March 1, at 10 AM

Location: PB 428

Title: On the Chaoticity of Rolewicz Type Unbounded Operators

Speaker: Marat Markin

Abstract: We discuss the concepts of hypercyclicity and chaoticity of linear operators, central for modern and rapidly developing theory of linear dynamical systems, and provide a natural unbounded generalization of the classical Rolewicz's weighted backward shift chaotic bounded linear operators.