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Health Careers Opportunity Program


Health Prefessional Mentor Program (HPMP)


Documentation (logs and journals) – Mentees are required to submit documentation in the form of “health professional mentor activity logs” and “journals” to a Program Coordinator every month. Activity logs report the activity and duration of the mentor contact while journals document the mentee’s experience.

Roundtable Discussion Participation – It is important for mentees to attend mandatory roundtable sessions held at least once a semester.  Roundtables are a setting for mentee participants to share their experiences, submit documentation, voice concerns, and provide program feedback.

One Job Shadow Experience - Mentees will have the opportunity to shadow their mentor at least once per year for a one hour minimum.  Job shadow arrangements will be made by the mentor and his/her employer, if applicable.  Mentees should not job shadow until all clearance arrangements have been completed with the mentor and his/her clinical site.   



We recommend that the mentoring relationship continue for the four academic years.  It is up to the mentors and mentees to decide whether or not they’d like to continue.  If at any point, the mentee/mentor wishes to discontinue the relationship, a Program Coordinator should be notified.


Health Careers Opportunity Office: 559-278-4150

Cassandra Gomez

Health Careers Opportunity Program