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In various other regions of the planet, potential transformations similar in principle to the effect which NAWAPA will create in North America, are waiting to be catalyzed.

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Let's bring to life one of many examples, a project shut down under Gorbachev,

00:00:20,060 --> 00:00:25,800
but discussed recently by German stateswomen and wife of Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp LaRouche,

00:00:25,800 --> 00:00:35,000
as well as the mayor of Moscow, the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the former head of latter nation's Academy of Sciences:

00:00:35,000 --> 00:00:42,800
a transformation achieved through linking up the run-off of Siberian rivers with the shrinking Aral Sea.

00:00:42,800 --> 00:00:53,660
This is but one example of a region which has been experiencing a biospheric and noetic downshift,  as a result of the dessicaton of the Sea.

00:00:54,860 --> 00:01:01,660
The Aral Sea has seen a dramatic shrinking since the 1960's and 70's,

00:01:01,660 --> 00:01:11,860
when water which fed the sea from two Eurasian rivers, the Amu and Syr Darya, was diverted for the purpose of water intensive cotton-farming,

00:01:11,860 --> 00:01:17,660
which was the agricultural responsibility of the adjacent region under the Soviet system.

00:01:17,660 --> 00:01:21,930
The dessication of the Sea has destroyed the fishing industry, 

00:01:21,930 --> 00:01:25,800
but has also adversely impacted weather in the surrounding region, 

00:01:25,800 --> 00:01:33,660
which is now plagued by salt storms, and has seen a change in climate and moisture conditions from the shrinking of the sea itself, 

00:01:33,660 --> 00:01:41,460
but which has also resulted in a lowering of the groundwater table along the Amu and syr Darya river deltas,

00:01:41,460 --> 00:01:50,260
adversely impacting the climate and precipitation as a result of the destruction of agriculture, as well as agriculture itself. 

00:01:50,260 --> 00:01:57,460
The general region affected spans a band from 80-300 km surrounding the sea.

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Is this region, with some of the most fertile soil in Central Asia, supposed to be a desert?

00:02:08,860 --> 00:02:15,200
As human beings, who can uniquely conceive of and act on the planet as a whole,

00:02:15,200 --> 00:02:21,060
we can see that the potential solution to this problem lies many miles to the northeast,

00:02:21,060 --> 00:02:28,730
in the Altai mountains seated at the intersection  of the nations of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia.

00:02:28,730 --> 00:02:39,000
It is a region of anomalously high precipitation, and is the source of the Ob and Irtysh Rivers, which drain into the Arctic.

00:02:46,000 --> 00:02:53,130
The Sibaral canal project, proposed in 1940 by Russian engineer Davydov and since modified,

00:02:53,130 --> 00:02:58,000
would dam the Ob and Irtysh Rivers where they meet and drain into the Arctic, 

00:02:58,000 --> 00:03:03,660
and create a resevoir, achieved through diverting roughly 8% of the runoff waters. 

00:03:03,660 --> 00:03:10,330
The Sibaral canal, which will vary from anywhere between 35 and 50 feet deep,

00:03:10,330 --> 00:03:18,060
will either be constructed directly from this resevoir, or, will be constructed after partially reversing the Irtysh River,

00:03:18,060 --> 00:03:24,460
further down near the city of Tobolsk, the home of physical chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev.

00:03:24,460 --> 00:03:32,530
The maximum length of the canal would span a distance of almost 2550 km.

00:03:32,530 --> 00:03:38,060
The canal would be about 200 meters wide and potentially navigable. 

00:03:47,500 --> 00:03:54,260
The water will be pumped through a series of pumping stations up until the the Turgai Divide in north central Kazakhstan,

00:03:54,260 --> 00:04:00,730
 here achieved through a series of 6 pumps, in total lifting the water about 300 feet.

00:04:16,500 --> 00:04:25,200
On the other side of the Turgai divide, water will flow by gravity past the cities of Turgai,  Irgis and Kazalinsk, 

00:04:25,200 --> 00:04:29,800
where it will then replenish the Aral sea with the fresh water.

00:04:29,800 --> 00:04:41,600
Fishing will be rejuventated, in additon to agriculture, as 4.5 million hectares of irrigable land will be made available to produce for Russian and Eurasian comsumption. 

00:04:41,600 --> 00:04:47,660
Life in the region will be made more pleasant, with the cessation of salt dust storms. 

00:04:47,660 --> 00:04:56,330
This process of greening will further impact other climactic and other biospheric cycles, in the same way as NAWAPA in the US.

00:04:56,330 --> 00:05:04,460
It can also be brought directly to Nukus, whose forest and farm land area has shrunk dramatically.  

00:05:04,460 --> 00:05:10,500
The Aral Sea will once again, become visible from space.

00:05:10,500 --> 00:05:16,130
This kind of transformation could be coupled with other endeavors in Western Russia,

00:05:16,130 --> 00:05:22,200
including the expansion of the Volga-Don Canal, giving the Volga an outlet to the Mediterranean,

00:05:22,200 --> 00:05:28,600
and completing the Pechora-Kama Canal, linking up the Volga with another Arctic River.

00:05:28,600 --> 00:05:37,200
Keep in mind, that as an ice age approached, increased salinity of the Arctic may be advantageous.

00:05:37,200 --> 00:05:51,200
This can be accompanied by a raw materials development and transportation corridor such as the Industrial Urals-Arctic Urals project envisioned by the late Academian Alexander Granberg. 

00:05:51,200 --> 00:05:59,460
Only 10-12% of the northern reaches of the Urals Federal District have been subjected to thorough geological study.

00:05:59,460 --> 00:06:07,200
 All of this taken together outlines  a corridor of biospheric and noetic development of Eurasia,

00:06:07,200 --> 00:06:14,400
which would be further improved by, and also determine, in part, a new relationship to Europe and Africa. 

00:06:14,400 --> 00:06:21,660
This entire process would be augmented by new northern rail lines to the rail to the Bering Strait tunnel,

00:06:21,660 --> 00:06:28,400
it's connection to NAWAPA and related rail networks, NAWAPA-like projects for Mexico,

00:06:28,400 --> 00:06:34,530
and the completion of the Pan-american Highway with the taming of the Darien Gap by man. 

00:06:41,500 --> 00:06:52,060
This particular corridor which we looked at in more detail, spanning in direct impact a region which is virtually 1/10 of the circumference of the Earth,

00:06:52,060 --> 00:06:59,130
is itself only a smaller feature of a global corridor of biopsheric and noetic development,

00:06:59,130 --> 00:07:12,530
which will represent, to use Vladimir Vernadsky's language,  a biogenic and cognitive migration of mateirials on a scale not yet achieved before, but within grasp.  

00:07:12,530 --> 00:07:17,000
Implementing the NAWAPA concept now in North America,

00:07:17,000 --> 00:07:28,000
Implementing the NAWAPA concept now in North America, from the United States with the power of our credit system and without Obama, can soon usher in the transformation of this planetary corridor.

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View the full NAWAPA map at: www.larouchepac.com/nawapa